Comfort #

They are relatively comfy, but sometimes it gets a bit uncomfortable wearing them in my ear and I don't mean after a long time. I wonder if that's because of the tip size, which you can choose between included tips in the sizes: S, M, L. Of which M is attached on delivery. I should probably try around a bit.

Sound quality #

I like how they sound. But as I was mentioning the tip size, I have to report that they seem to lift of my ear sometimes, which reduces the perceived sound quality. That, in turn, means that the sound is best when the rear part makes good contact with your ear. I wonder if that's because of the tip size too. I have heard about "wings" researching about ear buds, which seem to do excatly that - hold the rear part of the bud in place.

Issues #

The only issue I have, except for the bud lifting of my ear a bit sometimes, is that I can not get my Nothing Ear to connect with my Fedora (Linux) laptop.